HTTP API - Integrate SMS into your website and your applications


HTTP API / Bulk SMS Gateway Overview

We offer you access to a secure, dependable, high capacity SMS messaging platform with unrivalled coverage across Singapore and Asia. Developers get extensive and easy-to-use APIs to help you build your own SMS services on our messaging gateway. Our SMS API has been designed to provide a straightforward, yet effective, method of integrating websites and software with our messaging platform; making it perfectly suitable for both small and large corporate information systems.


Furthermore, as our SMS API is based on HTTP transactions, it is very simple to use and can get your application sending SMS within minutes even if you are not an experienced programmer.


SMS API Routines

By integrating your application with our messaging platform, our SMS API will make it possible for your application to:

  • Pushing SMS messages
  • Checking Credits
  • Delivery reports.

The specifications for our SMS API can be found here Click here to view AXON MEDIA SMS HTTP API


There are no long-term contracts, monthly fees or set-up costs. You simply pay for your messages!



To know more about API, please call us at +65 6344 3493.