Bulk SMS Marketing


What is Bulk SMS Software ?

AXON MEDIA SMS is a Group SMS software, it enables you to send hundreds or thousands or lacs of SMS'es right from your computer in Just 3 Simple Steps. You Just need to:-

  1. Prepare your .csv database file, Senders ID & SMS Contents,
  2. Upload your database file and;
  3. Click on GO.

*Please note that we do not provide/buy/rent/sell Database (Mobile numbers)Database is strictly your own.

For more info, please refer to

It is that simple, No need for technical knowledge, No need to configure servers, Its just Set-Paste-GO all the way.

AXON MEDIA SMS can be used to send Mass SMS at very low cost, helping Companies get their message across to shier Target Audience via the most effective mobile medium.


What are the Uses & Benefits?

Benefits of AXON MEDIA SMS Software

  1. Send @ a speed of 1,000 SMS per minute or 60,000 SMS per hr.
  2. Extremely simple, convinient and easy to use.
  3. No Hardware Modems Required, No Technical Knowledge Required
  4. Improves Branding as the Message is sent using a Sender ID specified by you.

Group SMS can mainly be used for:

  1. Mass Marketing & Sales Promotions.
  2. Creating awareness about your Product or Service.
  3. Sending Reminders, Alerts, Seasons Greetings, Notifications etc.
  4. Increase Your Sales & Generate Repeat Sales

Benefits of Group SMS Include:

  1. Quick Reach
  2. Instant Response
  3. Fantastic Return on Investment due to low cost.
  4. Very High Response Ratio, better than any other medium.


  1. Sender ID can be a maximum of 11 Characters
  2. Maximum Size of Message is 160 Characters
  3. Works with all Telecom Operators in Singapore and Asia..
  4. Sender ID is Alphanumberic for GSM numbers & Numeric for CDMA numbers


To know how to start your own Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign, please call us at +65 6344 3493.