Proximity Marketing Solutions (PMS) - Bluetooth Marketing

AXON MEDIA PMS has a lot of features that you can't find in any other product in the market. We did extensive research to learn about all the products available in the market before creating AXON MEDIA PMS. We're the only Bluetooth® marketing system that has all the features that your business will ever need.

Main Features:-

  1. You can use it to advertise your business 24/7 all year long for FREE.

  2. AXON MEDIA PMS can publish advertisements in a range of up to 100 meters. (Depending on your Bluetooth® hardware).

  3. Publish advertisements simultaneously for up to 7 devices. (Depending on your Bluetooth hardware).

  4. Doesn't require any special hardware.

  5. Works under Microsoft Windows. This means that any computer can be used to publish your advertisements.

  6. The System can be minimized which means that you can use the same computer for other purposes.

  7. Requires permission from the device before sending advertisements. No spamming is allowed!

  8. Create multiple advertising campaigns.

  9. A single campaign can have more than one running advertisement at the same time.

  10. Can send different types of advertisements including:-
          • Text
          • Still Images
          • Animated images
          • Audio Files
          • Video Clips
          • Business Cards
          • Calendar Events
          • Java Applications and Games

  11. Log file to store all the events while the system is running.

  12. Full reports to help you analyze the campaigns performance.

  13. Inexpensive advertising system. Order now.

Advanced Features:-

    1. The system can run campaigns automatically.

    2. Advertisements scheduling is supported.

    3. Diagnosis tool to determine if your hardware is not compatible with AXON MEDIA PMS.

    4. Blacklist support.

    5. Three Modes to control how the advertisements in a campaign are sent.

    6. Device Priority option to control which devices should receive the advertisements first.

    7. Send Promotions to devices periodically

    8. WatchDog Utility that keeps monitoring your system's performance

    9. Intelligent System to provide optimization tips that makes your campaign run better

    10. Automatic Saving to avoid losing data in case of unexpected shutdown

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