Proximity Marketing Solutions (PMS) - Bluetooth Marketing

Proximity Marketing Solutions (PMS) is an exciting new mobile marketing method that allows you to directly connect to consumers who are in close proximity of your physical establishment. Bluetooth proximity marketing is a powerful way to beam advertising content directly to customers!

Easy to setup , no hardware required with no recurring fees.
Download our trial and install on bluetooth enabled pc and start advertising.

Announcement: Long Range Bluetooth Hardware
Deliver advertisements to phones at a distance of 250 meters far from our advertising hotspot.
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AXON MEDIA provides advertisers and agencies cost-effective, full-service bluetooth marketing services. Using our cutting-edge Bluetooth-based solution, you can deliver your message directly to your customers' most personal medium - their cell phones. Our solution handles all aspects of deploying your advertising from campaign management to installation, support and reporting.

Campaign Management

We have the end-to-end expertise and experience to design a solution specific to your business goals, customer base, and operational environment. We tell you how to place the equipment and design the campaigns for optimal effectiveness, saving you months of trial-and-error.

State of the Art Equipment

We use the most advanced hardware device and software systems to deliver and measure campaigns.


We deliver analytics on a regular schedule to ensure your campaigns are producing the results you need.

Sample Screenshots

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