2 way SMS - Short Code / Long Code

AXON MEDIA Mobile Originated (MO) Service
MO NUMBER +447797806073
AXON MEDIA Mobile Originated (MO) SMS inbound messaging service enables businesses to receive SMS messages from subscribers into an application.

MO is a highly effective and practical way for businesses to interact with their Customers and staff in real-time. Businesses can employ MO services for a range of applications, including on-package promotions, customer response campaigns and even for retrieving data from remote field employees. This is a great ability to have in software, whether you're using a phone to look up o2 iphone 4 deals online while you're away from your computer, or you're looking for fast data retrieval when at a conference for the company. Of its many applications, interactive television is arguably the most visible and its rapid adoption by the public demonstrates MO's ability to drive exciting programming, generate additional revenue and increase audience loyalty. Service overview Reliable customer interactivity in a cost-effective manner. By using UK-based long numbers, i.e. standard mobile numbers starting with the UK country code +44, clients do not incur high short code charges or lengthy registration processes.

What's more, MO service is well received by end-users because it empowers them to interact with companies via SMS, in real-time. In addition MO service can be a revenue source as


Operator Quality Reliable inbound management of SMS without the use of modems
International Reach Ability to receive sms from subscribers on a large number of international
Random and vanity numbers Random or memorable vanity numbers.
Data Standard and concatenated text, binary and Unicode message bodies.
High throughput Up to 10 messages per second with higher rates available on demand.
Service Interfaces JAVA API, HTTP
Online Web based user interface to manage user keywords and logs